Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wrapping up Week One

Well, I've wrapped up week one as a Vegan and I don't feel any different. haha.  ... and no, I'm not going back to my old ways.
What has helped me to stay on track is to put myself on a schedule, but to be flexible if necessary.
I also programmed my schedule into my Blackberry which alarms me every time it's time to snack or eat. It is too cool and it's working!

My Daily Schedule:
I prepare my meals daily and bring my lunch box
6:30 Barley Max
8:00 Breakfast: fruit smoothie or multi grain cereal with rice milk
11:00 veggie juice (I pack a tall container of fresh juice and drink half at 11 and the other half at 3)
11:30 Fiber Cleanse (I pack a tablespoon of power in a container and mix with bottled water later)
1:00 Barley Max (I pack a teaspoon of power in a container and mix with bottled water later)
1:30 salad or sandwich (multi grain bread, hummus spread, and veggies)
3:00 veggie juice (fresh juiced)
6:00 Barley Max
6:30 salad + cooked meal
8:00 fruit, smoothie, or nut/date squares

Note: If I get hungry between meals I nibble on carrots and hummus or if I need something sweet I drink a glass of fruit juice. It helps me stay away from ice cream or cheese cake when I have that sweet tooth.