Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eating Out

Last night Domenick, my brother Stevie and I went out to have a bite and a drink after work ... it was a much needed celebration over the good news our cousin Melanie shared with us on Friday. "... she's outta my life ..." isn't that a song by Michael Jackson?  ;)

Eating out can be risky if you want to stay true to your diet ...
I knew I had to think fast as to what restaurant would keep me on track, and know the guys would like too ... so I picked Hurricane Wings. Yup! They have the best California Veggie Burgers ... and they're big!
My order:
Veggie Burger with all the rabbit food (removed the bread) and ate it like a salad.
Water with Lemon
I was one happy camper.
The guys:
chicken wings
french fries
pitcher of beer
... and they were happy too.
It was a great night.