Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 9: Juicing

Did you know when "eating" a carrot raw (not cooked) you get 30% of it's nutrients, but when you "juice" that same carrot you get 90% of it's nutrients. Fruit cleanses the body, Veggies feed the body.

Drinking an 8oz glass of juice twice a day is an excellent habit to get into. It makes it a lot easier if you can juice in the morning and prepare 2 small jars for later.
I drink a glass at 11am and other at 3pm. It also keeps me from snacking on junk between meals.

Tasty Juice
3 large kale leaves
4 stalks celery
1 apple
2 carrots (to sweeten it up, add a few more carrots)

1. Juice all in a juicer and enjoy.

This juice recipe includes kale, one of the most nutrient dense foods per calorie on the planet!

Note: Look for California carrots which are the sweetest tasting.