Monday, February 7, 2011

60 Day Challenge The beginning

I woke up this morning with heartburn from the delicious pizza, chips and beer I had Super Bowl Sunday ... so I thought this was the perfect time to start the "Challenge" I've been talking about. If you want to do your own 60 day Challenge, just go to

Day One is pretty simple:
Drink Barley Max!
This drink is considered to be the best way to break your fast in the morning.
It feeds the cells and is a living food ...
Breaking the Fast with Barley Max.
1 heaping teaspoon to 8 to 16 oz of purified water or your favorite juice.
Shake it up to get the clumps out, and drink up. It's that simple. The taste wasn't that bad. I can do this!
Day One Menu:
First thing when I wake up:
16 oz glass of Barley Max in water
Mid morning:
Chunks of fruit, 16 oz water
Hummus and Carrots, 16 oz Water
Big Salad, 16 oz Water
Late Snack:
Pear or Carrot juice (either are sweet and delish)

Side note: for anyone following my journal, this is not a fad to help me lose weight, this is a way of life. A choice to eat healthier and limit the foods that really are not doing anything more than filling up my belly until the next meal.