Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Day 7: Eating Out

Eating out is possible!
Being on any special diet is difficult when you take it on the road, but it can be done. Here's an example of what your dinner might look like at a casual restaurant:

Drinks: Water with lemon
Apps: Whole grain breads with a healthy dipping sauce
Entrees: Search the menu for dishes such as Salads, Wraps and Sides such as Baked Potato.
Request steamed over cooked, or Stir-fry and avoid salty seasonings and cheese.

If the restaurant has the ingredients, they may be willing to put something special together for you. It can't hurt to ask.

Fitting your new diet into your lifestyle:
My girlfriend Dee Dee just sent me this pretty cool lunch box that is perfect when eating out or just on the go. It doesn't look like your typical lunch box so carrying it around with you during the day or even out to dinner won't seem too awkward.

When out to dinner, just pack it with your special made salad dressing, and maybe even sweet nut/date cubes for dessert. When the meal arrives at the table and everyone is involved in what they just ordered, it's a good time to pull out your pre-made salad dressing and dress your salad ... no one will be the wiser. (I hope Domenick isn't horrified when reading this. haha)

If you're out and about all day, pack a bottled water, snack bar, piece of fruit or a sandwich so you're not tempted to hit the fast food restaurants for an easy fill me up.
I love it! Thank you Deed. xxoo